Showtime an Online Exhibition for 2018

Showtime an Online Exhibition for 2018

Members, student to professional ceramic artists, from the CAAWA community showcase their work.

Display is in no particular order.

If you wish to purchase any of the pieces please use the 'contact us' in the menu bar.

Jeanne Armstrong.I Am Every Woman, raku  Price $450
Andrew Tremain.Thin neck vase, Wheel thrown, 23cm x 16cm, Oil spot glaze, $175
Mary Wallace. : Vase - wheel thrown porcelain, carved with celadon glaze  Price: $1150.00
Luda Korczynskyj.  Porcelain Bottle $200
Judith Paisley. Leapardess. Naked Raku, Terra Sig, dome with carbonized lid   -  $795
Cathy Day. Red tailed black cockatoo glass on clay  length 52cm $110
Cathy Day. Redcap parrot glass clay length 49cm $90
Jeanne Armstrong. Goddess 1 in 3 pieces Price: $550
Cathy Day. Sulphur crested cockatoo glass on clay width 50cm $100
Judith Paisley. Super Nova. Naked Raku, Terra Sig, Hollow Disc Sculpture   -  $875
Jeanne Armstrong.: Emergence, raku and wood Price $450
Andrew Tremain. Vase wheel thrown, 19cm x 17cm, Macro-crystalline glazed, $300
Judith Paisley. Fire Storm. Barrel fired, textured clay vessel with carbonized lid $645
Andrew Tremain. Thin neck vase, wheel thrown, 198cm x 14cm, Macro-crystalline glaze, $240
Darryl Nicol. Tea for One. Wheel thrown stoneware
Darryl Nicol. Small Keepsake Box. Wheel thrown stoneware
Darryl Nicol. Deep Bowl Hand built stoneware
Erin Jago.Migration  white stoneware clay, hand built form with hand painted decoration Price: $90.00
Erin Jago. Top view 2
Erin Jago. Underside view 3
Kathleen Verzijlenberg. Title: " Tudo bem ", hand built coiled sculpture.  Price: $350
Kathleen Verzijlenberg. Tudo bem.  Back view
Kathleen Verzijlenberg. Tudo bem, side view
Sheryl Chant. Head Space 2.  Paper Clay Obvara fired.Image by Eva Fernandez
“Jiangxi Spring Series 2 “ 13.2cm x 15cm  x 9cm  cast - Cool ice  and black Seeleys porcelain with laser decals $350
Sandra Black.Bush Dingo Teapot” - Cool ice porcelain with Laser decals and clear glaze 8.5cm x 1.52cm  x 10.7cm$250
Sandra Black. “Jiangxi Spring series 1” –cast Cool ice porcelain and black Seeleys porcelain with decals and clear glaze $350
Lynne Carlin. Pelican sculptures
Luda Korczynskyj. Porcelain and Stoneware sculpture. $300
Sheryl Chant.Tear Pots. Paper clay Obvara Fired.Image by Eva Fernandez
Luda Korczynskyj. Procelain, Builder of Bodies $800
Sheryl Chant. Head Space 1. Paper Clay Obvara Fired. Image by Eva Fernandez
Cher Shackleton. Wood Fired Salt glazed bowl
Cher Shackleton. Wood Fired Salt glazed bowl

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