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Tara Rad

Tara is a ceramic artist based in Perth running her business called T A R A D. Since 2016, Tara has engaged in visual arts and has incorporated ceramics and sculpture in her practice. Tara’s work is inspired by daily life observations of her surroundings. She is interested in exploring the forms and colors of nature and it's sense of freedom, the human body, and her memories of home with the intent of recreating them.

Tara's background in Architecture has influenced the concepts behind her works, she aims to create objects which are expressive art with an intrinsic functionality and emphasize the tactility of clay-as-material. As a result, her ceramic practice interposes itself somewhere between the two styles; Hand building for an organic aesthetic in free forms, or the precise shaping of the potter's wheel.

The free forms, simplicity and the texture of her works all are inspired by nature and its creature, from the mountains in Tehran to the red soil of WA earth. The iron freckles, sand and grogs inside the stoneware & Raku clay she uses, creates amazing natural freckles and earthy texture. This combination of materials imparts fascinating result when combines with creative glazing.

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