Report:  CAAWA 2019 Selective Exhibition


Heathcote Museum & Art Gallery
4th May – 9th June 2019.

By Judith Paisley

A huge thank you to the 30 artists who participated in this year’s Selective Exhibition.  The co-operation and support throughout the whole exhibition were very much appreciated, which contributed enormously to the smooth running of this year’s event.  A special thank you to our South West artists who need to deal with the logistical nightmare of meeting deadlines, delivery and pickups from afar, in order to participate.  Your contribution in spite of the difficulties is recognized and very much appreciated. 

It was wonderful to see such diversity in the exhibition this year and there was a lot of positive public feedback from Heathcote to that effect which is an encouraging sign. There were 69 artworks presented and exhibited this year and 137 selections presented for the People’s Choice Award.  Well done to the 11 artists who sold their work during the exhibition.  The layout this year was well received and enhanced by the new lighting installed during the renovations at Heathcote just prior to the exhibition.

Our guest Judge this year, Janis Nadela, direct of Gallery East, opened the exhibition on the Friday night to an audience of around 66 guests.  I would like to make special mention and a very big thank you to Helen Dundo, a longstanding CAAWA and Committee member, for her very generous donation of the wines for opening night, not only this year but over many years and her continued support has been very much appreciated.  The sponsorship this year was provided by her newly opened “Holy Mary Cellars” of Swan Settlers Market, in Herne Hill.  A number of artists were unable to attend the opening as they were in Hobart for the Triennale which unfortunately coincided with our exhibition, however opportunities to view were still possible on their return.  The exhibition held over 5 weeks and was well attended by over 1260 visitors.

The Selective Exhibition itself, is a platform for all CAAWA members to showcase their current works.  Though sales are most welcomed and encouraged, it is not only about sales, the exhibition is also a means of keeping all local artists connected and inspired.  Likewise, it is a wonderful opportunity for new and young artists to view and appreciate the diversity of ceramics, the different processes and its many forms - something to aspire to.  The exhibition can also afford the young potter the possibility of an influenced direction, a visual feast for potential options.

There were a number of artists who would liked to have participated this year but due to circumstances were unable.We certainly hope they and the rest of the artists will be back to take part in our next Selective in 2021.Till then, happy potting!

The members exhibition was covered by WTV television. You can see the program here.

Photos credit Daniel Grant