Established in 1993, the Ceramic Arts Association of WA (CAAWA) is a not for profit organisation run by members supporting the ceramics community in Western Australia. We aim to connect and promote all aspects of hand made pottery and ceramic sculpture.


CAAWA Objectives

  1. To promote among practitioners and non-practitioners the production and appreciation of ceramics and to act as an umbrella group to represent their interests.

  2. To raise the profile of clay within the community – culturally, educationally, politically and socially.

  3. To encourage the sharing of ideas, activities and information pertaining to ceramics and to develop strategies and structures for their implementation.

  4. To promote and facilitate the marketing of work of those practising in ceramics in Western Australia.

  5. To promote ceramics education, at all levels, within the state and to facilitate the transition from student to practitioner.

  6. To encourage balanced, critical evaluation and writing concerning ceramics.

  7. To liaise with other Australian and international ceramics associations in order to develop a comprehensive vision.