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"Treasures": A Fusion of Coastal Artistry and Ceramic Wonders

"Treasures": A Fusion of Coastal Artistry and Ceramic Wonders

Friday, 8 September 2023

Commonage Pottery at Happs Wines Venue

575 Commonage Rd, Dunsborough WA, Australia

Curated by Japneet Keith

Step into a world where the intricate beauty of the coastline intertwines with the mesmerizing allure of ceramic artistry. We are thrilled to present "Treasures," an enchanting exhibition that celebrates the collaborative brilliance of Colin Pratt, Gary Hambleton, Japneet Keith, and Kay Manolas. This remarkable showcase brings together their unique artistic visions, culminating in a captivating display of creativity that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Colin Pratt's encaustic masterpieces transport us to the bountiful coastal landscapes we proudly call home. His skilful brushwork captures the essence of our shores, inviting you to experience the raw splendour of the sea and its ever-changing dance with the horizon.

Gary Hambleton presents an exhilarating splash series, a collection of ceramics that pays homage to the spontaneity of water in motion. Each piece exudes a sense of fluidity and energy, inviting you to immerse yourself in the dynamic play between form and glaze colour.

Japneet Keith's intriguing collection of 100 sea urchins in ceramics is a true testament to her meticulous craftsmanship. Witness as the delicate intricacies of these marine creatures merge seamlessly with the artful expression of clay, inviting you to explore the wonders of the ocean depths.

Kay Manolas' sea-inspired totems and small sculptures serve as captivating focal points, evoking a deep sense of connection to the maritime world. Her skillful use of materials and forms creates an immersive experience that sparks the imagination and invites contemplation.

"Treasures" is more than an exhibition; it's a moment to pause and come together as a community to appreciate the rich tapestry of art and culture that flourishes within our collective working studio. Join us as we delve into this mesmerizing amalgamation of coastal landscapes, ceramic marvels, and profound artistic expression. Your presence will be a part of the magic that makes "Treasures" an unforgettable celebration of creativity and unity.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary artistic journey. Mark your calendars for the opening of "Treasures," where art and culture intertwine in an inspiring harmony that is bound to leave a lasting impression. We can't wait to share this exquisite experience with you.

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