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Elvira McKenzie

I am a ceramic artist based in Perth. Having had an appreciation for handmade art for a long time, I wanted to experience the creative process of making something with my own hands. With clay, it was the prospect of working with a natural material that drew me in. The rawness of the clay, the feel of it in my hands, and the free-flowing nature of it was perfect. Whether on the wheel or hand-building, I find a satisfying enjoyment in creating something to be appreciated.

My inspiration is drawn from my love of nature and regular travels around Western Australia. The stark contrasts of colours, textures, and materials of our abundant landscapes and coastline features, certainly influence my freeform styles and the glazes I use and create. I absolutely enjoy the limitless interactions of earthy textures of different clays and how light plays on the surface of deep ocean-like glazes.

These pieces, functional or not, can remind you of a place where you once were, something you have seen, and can certainly start a conversation.

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