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Felicity Bodycoat

Felicity’s work in porcelain is a collection of pieces drawing focus on colour, form and texture, in an exploration of different mediums and processes. Her background in design is reflected in the finishes and details used on the surface of the porcelain. The versatility of using liquid clay presents the opportunity to form detail and texture at a multitude of stages across the process to create a piece that is unique each time. Glazing is limited to the interior of the pieces and are burnished on the exterior to create a velvet touch. The outcome produces a combination of solid colour, layering of the slip clay and decal transfers that are incorporated to curate groupings that sit comfortably together. Digital and three-dimensional technologies are used to create decals and forms of modern design and craft pattern and repetition within the individual pieces.

Check out more of Felicity’s work on Instagram or contact her for more information.

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