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Graham Hay

Building on the paper clay techniques developed by the late Mike Kusnik, Graham has developed radically new techniques which he shared through 340 demonstrations, workshops, master classes and talks. He also co-led the first paper clay symposia / conferences in Hungary, Norway, and the US. Drawn within, and attempting to illuminate, the rhizomorphic artist networks surrounding him, Graham has participated in 160 exhibitions across seventeen countries. This includes international paper clay surveys in Scotland, Hungary and US; national ceramic surveys; Sculpture by the Sea (x3); and six Biennale. He connected the 2017 Venice Biennale audience to WA by dismantling a half tonne sculpture and giving away thousands of handmade porcelain paper clay flutes, each bearing the unique web address of other WA artists. His work and techniques feature in many textbooks and journals, and public collections in WA, Lithuania, Hungary, USA, Turkey and India have acquired his work. Graham has written many technical journal articles and posted hundreds of webpages of free paper clay information and educational videos at He is one of six artists within the Robertson Park Artists Studio in Northbridge, a creative and welcoming community of a hundred students.

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