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Judith Paisley

My introduction to pottery was late in life. I thoroughly enjoy throwing on the wheel however after an inspiring workshop with raku artist Britta Stolle-Jacob I learned to appreciate the unlimited potential of hand building and became captivated by raku firing, a significant turning point for me.

I have since developed a strong passion for the raw and rustic nature of ALTERNATIVE firings. I am driven by fine powerful simplicity of form being the ultimate canvas to showcase the dramatic permeations derived by alternative firings. I love the close interaction with nature and the elements; the fact the artist has so much physical input and influence throughout most of the process.I like that there are no set rules as such, with plenty of scope for experimentation and room to put your own stamp on varying outcomes. With alternative firing, you quickly learn you are not in control, but part of the process.Learning not to be too precious about your pieces allows you the freedom to experiment, learn and grow.

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