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The Selective Exhibition is a showcase of ceramic artworks by members of CAAWA. This exhibition is presented by The Ceramic Arts Association of WA, a not for profit organisation run by members. All members including students, hobbyists or professional potters are invited to submit pieces for selection. Guest judge, well known Western Australian Potter, Warrwick Palmateer, selected the artwork for the exhibition and from the final selection, nominated artists for following awards

Award Winners

Photo 22-9-2022, 5 38 40 pm.jpg
Mike Kusnick Award
Boat Form I
Ian Dowling

Judges Comments

  •   At first glance this piece appeared to be a humble and unassuming work but it drew me in and asked me to touch it and pick it up

  •  At closer inspection Boat Form 1 reveals a sophisticated and beautifully crafted work that demonstrates a masterful and gutsy approach to form and texture as well as function, glaze formulation and application

  • The form takes on a boat like quality with an uplifting bow and stern held by an elliptical thrown and altered foot

  • Gestural marks by both tools and fingers are rendered to create movement and expression both inside and outside of this vessel

  • The crazed blue/white glaze inside the vessel is thick and unctuous and has been applied over what appears to be tooled carving in a spontaneous and gestural approach

  • The outside glaze surface is warm and rich with reduction fired iron bleeds from the clay body penetrating through the glaze surface in a random, organic nature adding to the movement embodying the extreme oval, elliptical form

  • The handles on each end elongate the vessel further adding to the visual ellipse and upward curve of the arc boat form

  • Each handle seems to fit effortlessly into your hand when you pick up the vessel and speaks of plastic clay moulded by the potter before being attached and worked into the form

  • Overall, this is a work that spoke to me on many levels and is deserving of the 2022 Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia Mike Kusnick Award

3D Virtual View 

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