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CAAWA Welcomes New Board Members

Lynne Carlin

My background is fashion and costume making, and I am mostly retired now. My ceramics work has mainly been in sculpture. I teach 2 children's classes all day on Saturdays. There is a big age range of children I teach, and the classes are always full!

Emma Vinkovic

Emma grew up literally eating clay, learning pretty much all she knows from hanging around her mum’s studio. She studied visual arts at CIT (now North Metropolitan TAFE), and is a qualified education assistant. Emma runs her own business under the label of ERVCeramics, making marbled slip-cast tableware, as well as working on architecturally inspired sculptural pieces. You can find out more at

Cat Conner

Problem finder, problem maker, problem solver: Cat Conner has been working with clay for the last 20 years, obsessed by the unique challenges of this material. Originally from the American Southwest, she graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Visual Art and immediately moved to Perth in 2009. Obsessed with textures she juxtaposes the smoothness of porcelain and fine-bodied clays with applied slip textures, carving, and intricate sgraffito illustrations. She currently works and teaches at ClayMake Studio. You can see more of her work on instagram @catconnerceramics

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